Layton's Mystery Journey on Switch gets a western release date



The insanely named Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Deluxe Edition will be heading west this year (as was rumored in April). Coming to Switch on November 8, 2019, this continuation of the incredible Professor Layton series stars the titular professor’s daughter in a journey to find her father and solve another mystery. Puzzles abound and many citizens forget they are actual human beings and will drop their duties on a dime to tease your brain.

Since the Switch technically has a touch screen, players will have the option of playing in portable mode with full touch support or utilizing the Joy-Con’s motion controls to interact with the world. Traditional button controls are also available as well as 40 brand-new puzzles, 50 new outfits, and the entire gamut of DLC released for the other versions. Improved graphics are also being teased, though I’m not sure what could be done over the HD mobile port from a few years back.

While this isn’t the first Layton game I would have liked to see on Switch, it could be a signal of things to come. I hope that Level-5’s mobile ports of the original DS series are doing well because I’d love to have HD versions of the games on Nintendo’s platform in the future. I’m completely ready to sob at the ending of Unwound Future again.

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