Lead on, adventurer: Demon's Souls launches today on PS5


Dang, I forgot to bring my sword…

Today is a pretty big day for video games in general and the new generation in particular. Today not only sees the launch of Sony’s brand new gaming platform, PlayStation 5, (at least in some territories), but also the highly anticipated remake of FromSoft’s 2009 adventure, Demon’s Souls.

As one of the few console exclusives to have launched in this busy fortnight, Demon’s Souls is set to be one of the strongest next-gen releases right out of the gate. Bluepoint Games’ remake sees the hard-as-nails dungeon crawler re-imagined for the powerful PS5 hardware, rebuilt from the ground up with stunning 4K visuals, super-smooth load times, enhanced controls, and immersive Tempest 3D audio.

Demon’s Souls promises to deliver an incredible and atmospheric experience to both series veterans and those entering the kingdom of Boletaria for the first time. No doubt Sony is hoping that this long-wishlisted release will offer an early example of what the PS5 is capable of and, naturally, help shift some high-tech hardware units from day one.

You can check out a brand new trailer below.