League of Legends servers moving to Chicago to alleviate issues


Pre-move tests were successful

After all these years, Riot Games still has intermittent issues with League of Legendsservers — a problem it intends to fix very soon. In the next few weeks, the company will move its servers over to the centralized location of Chicago, Illinois.

Initial tests have been successful, so it seems as if Riot is all good to go. The core reason for the move is the low quality on the east coast, since the previous servers were an entire country’s length away. Riot notes that this change should bring the entire NA region to under 80ms.

The west coast and the pacific northwest will have a slight increase in latency as a result of the move, but in the end it will be more even throughout the country. In theory.

NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move [League of Legends]