Learn about King Leoric's backstory, hero out 'soon' in Heroes of the Storm


Rise from your grave

[Update: Blizzard has noted that Leoric will not arrive today.]

Blizzard has announced that King Leoric will be released today in Heroes of the Storm— though he hasn’t shown up on the marketplace just yet. Leoric isn’t a tough hero to grasp strictly in terms of his basic abilities, but his trait is really where things go crazy.

Leoric simply doesn’t “die” in the traditional MOBA manner. After he is taken out, he remains as a wraith, and respawns at your ghost’s location after a period of time. As a wraith, he can cast spells that grant him a faster respawn, but don’t do direct damage (to balance him, clearly).

He looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and that “undying” mechanic has the potential to be completely broken. I’m looking forward to giving him a spin soon.