Left 4 Dead 2 is the latest title that's Xbox One backward compatible


Dibs on Nick!

Another day, another backward compatible announcement. With the impressive frequency that Microsoft’s adding games to the program, it seems like maybe every new inclusion doesn’t warrant its own article. But, a lot of the titles are so high-profile that there’s still a community around them. People will want to know. So, here we are.

Today, Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2can be played on Xbox One through Xbox 360 emulation. The 2009 multiplayer zombie shooter still holds up plenty well, and there are still plenty of people playing it on Steam. The Xbox base can probably expect to see a jolt to its numbers now, too.

Last week, Dark Soulsand Assassin’s Creedwere both added to the program. Yesterday, it was Halo Warsand Soulcalibur II. If Microsoft keeps this pace — and there’s not yet any indication that it’ll slow down — expect to see more of these “what’s old is new!” posts with regularity.

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