Let's show off our Animal Crossing islands here


Don’t worry, I have a permit for that

It’s been a little over a week since Animal Crossing: New Horizons released and already a good chunk of new island reps have a groove going with how their island is developing.

I’d bet that a lot of people, at the very least, have the plots figured out for around three new residents, or perhaps even upgraded Resident Services into a full-fledged building. But Animal Crossing has always been a game about going at your own pace, so it doesn’t really matter what stage your island is at.

In older Animal Crossing games, we’d just be showing off how our homes looked, but as we all know, New Horizons lets us decorate every inch of the island. So even if you feel like your house isn’t anything special, then surely you have something you’re proud of, like the placement of Nook’s Cranny, maybe an orchard you’ve been growing, or a featured outdoors installation.

The other day, Fuschia gave me a street lamp to urbanize my island with a low-key start to my public works’ electrical grid. Earlier this week I took some “in-progress” pictures of my projects, but a few of them have taken off since then. I hope you have had similar luck in coming across design inspirations.

Fences are probably my favorite unexpected addition to customization. Adding a lawn chair to a sandy beach or a slide in front of a museum is pretty basic. But adding a fence offers a really intimate, purposeful feeling. This chair is no longer just a chair, but a part of my private beach, just like how a slide isn’t just a slide but a part of the museum’s greater parks and recreation expansion.

Our islands are bound to have interesting spots of nature that’ll draw our eyes toward them for some DIY spirit. Even before unlocking something like the water and landscaping permit, there are things like isolated beaches or outward jutting peninsulas that are just begging for some personal flair.

So share with us below. How are your islands doing?