Let's watch a long-ass Prey gameplay video


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Actually, that headline’s kind of disingenuous. You see, I am intentionally notgoing to watch this long-ass Preyvideo. Still, I’m posting it without any sort of vetting process. There could be hardcore porn spliced right into the middle and I’d never know!

My reasoning for not watching it is two-fold: 1) As I write, I’m watching a USC/SMU basketball game and I’m nervous because I need the Mustangs to make a deep run in the tournament. [Update: Fuck.] 2) More relevant to why you’re here, I just don’t want to see the beginning of Preybefore I can play it. I’m strangely interested in this game and a gameplay video just won’t cut it.

But maybe it’ll cut it for you! I don’t know what floats your boat (or finds your lost remote). If it’s words you like, Zack previewed this content like a month ago. If you are indeed keen on videos, scroll up because I have just the thing for you.