Let's watch the New Game+ Expo stream together


It’s the stream that lets you keep all your equipment from the last one

With no E3 this year, the gaming community has had to make do with a hodgepodge of different streams, surprise reveals, and sudden announcements that have kept the writing staff of Destructoid on its toes. Some shows have been worth the wait, others not so much. We still have several more to go, but for my money, the New Game+ Expo stream has me the most excited. NIS America, Atlus, Spike Chunsoft, Inti Creates; these are some of my favorite publishers/developers, and to have them all in one show is worth taking a vacation day from my actual job to enjoy.

The organizers are promising new reveals, announcements, and updates for upcoming projects. With the variety of publishers participating, there’s no telling what is in store.

So sit back, relax, and find out the games some of Japan’s finest gaming companies are bringing our way. And if anything catches your eye, be sure to stay tuned after the showcase for a full day of streams featuring some of the games and publishers featured in the show.