Live Show: The GTFOMLG Show Episode 10.0


Wrath of the Black Manta (NES)

Wow, episode 10 already? Thank you all so much for your support! Be sure to keep tuning into Dtoid.TV, as we’re ever expanding with new personalities and live content.

Getting back to GTFOMLG, I’m super excited for tonight’s show as we’ll be playing one of my old favorites, Wrath of the Black Manta for the NES. While this game may not hold up these days, I remember it fondly, and have been looking forward to picking it up again.

Later in the evening, we’ll be messing with my newly acquired Nintendo Switch while we get together with the community to play some ARMS. Lastly, if you’re curious about what we’ll be playing next week, well, the masses have spoken. Games include Dog’s Life (PS2),Mister Mosquito (PS2), Willow (Arcade), and Ninja Spirit (TG-16). See you there!