Live show: We're playing Infamous: Second Son today!


We’ll be playing with Chris Zimmerman, Co-Founder of Sucker Punch

If you own a PlayStation 4, chances are you’re pretty stoked about Infamous: Second Son.Now, if there’s one thing we do here at Destructoid it’s give our loyal fans what they need. So if you’re preparing to cram Second Son into your disc tray as soon it’s out you’re going to want to check out on Thursday at around 4PM.

That’s right, we’ll have Sucker Punch Co-founder Chris Zimmerman in the office AND we’re playing the game live! Most sites would settle for either one of those! “But wait” you might say, “Spencer, Infamousisn’t out for like three weeks!” Yep, and that’s not all. We’re also giving away a super sexy, limited edition statue live on the air.

Anyway, it’s all going down on Thursday March 6. We’ll be starting the show at 2PM PST over on Mark those calendars!