Longest Night is a nice little tease for Night in the Woods


It’s been updated with new writing

While combing through the wasteland that is my pre-holiday-break email, I happened upon a link to Infinite Fall and Finji’s Longest Night from our beloved gift-giver Jonathan Holmes. I’m glad I did!

This is a short lead-in for the upcoming PC/Mac/PS4 adventure Night in the Woods, which you might recall as being “about the inevitability of death… and pizza parties.” There aren’t any deep dishes here, but you will get to trace the constellations and learn about a fire-breathing pope.

Does that sound familiar? It might! Longest Night debuted in December 2013 “a mere month after the successful Kickstarter when the team were learning how to make things together and first building the world of Night in the Woods.” This updated version of the supplemental game has “lots of new (canon) writing ahead of Night in the Woods‘ 2016 release.” It’s being sold for however much you’re willing to pay, even if that’s nothing at all.

Special shout-out to the graphics quality presets. Given the choice between “dire,” “tolerable,” “good,” “rad,” “super rad,” and “ride th’chariot,” you know I had to go with the latter option. I also decided to wear slippers while playing Longest Night, which is highly recommended. You might consider trying the other supplemental title, Lost Constellation, as well. It’s fabulous.

If you’ve already played all of this stuff, good on you. Let’s bond over these gifs.