Look surprised: Sega unveils sequel Lost Judgment, launches worldwide September 24


At what price justice?

Well, it’s pretty much this week’s worst kept secret, but now it’s official: Sega has officially announced Lost Judgment, the sequel to Team Yakuza’s acclaimed adventure, Judgment. The dark-looking sequel will launch worldwide on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S September 24.

Lost Judgment: Sabakarezaru Kioku, (or Lost Judgment: Unjudged Memory), will see streetwise detective Takayuki Yagama attempting to crack another tough case of murder ‘n’ mayhem. A gruesome revenge killing in the neon-stained district of Yokohama kicks off an increasingly violent spiral of events. Tasked with the case, Yagami embarks on a grim, dangerous, and ultimately personal investigation that will test his belief in justice to its limits.

In line with the original game, Lost Judgment will see players exploring the mean streets, interrogating suspects, searching for clues, and laying more than a few punches and kicks on some unlucky domes, Lost Judgment will also see our hero go undercover at the local high school, where he will engage in “School Stories”: lighthearted activities and side-quests to encourage and help troubled students with their personal problems. Typical of Team Yakuza’s catalogue, Lost Judgment will also feature a plethora of fun mini-games for when players need to take a break from the sequel’s dark narrative.

You can check out the full reveal stream below. Early gameplay footage appears at 14:00, with a fan Q&A session following shortly thereafter at 17:50.