Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven ascends to 3DS this June


Comes with bonus soundtrack in America

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven would be the Game of the Year if we handed out awards to games based on the wit and cunning of their subtitles. Alas, we do not. But we definitely see what you did there, XSEED. So, kudos.

The Nintendo 3DS strategy role-playing game is coming to North America on June 2, XSEED Games revealed today. Meanwhile, Marvelous Europe is making our friends in the Old World and Australia wait until June 4.

In addition to having to wait an extra couple days, players in PAL territories will be missing out on the boxed version (pictured below), which launches with a 28-track bonus CD in North America. It seems to be a digital-only release in Europe and Australia, which I’m sure is a tad disappointing to more than a few of you fine folks.

So what’s Lord of Magna about, then? Well, it follows a young innkeeper with an enachanted bracelet and a pseudo-amnesiac faerie on a quest to regain the magical sprite’s lost memories. Hijinks ensue, I’m sure.

The game was produced byBokujo MonogatariandRune FactoryleadYoshifumi Hashimoto, whose latest title, Story of Seasons, recently landed on 3DS. You can find our full review for the charming farming sim right here.