Make a custom Pikachu plush at Build-a-Bear


No luchador Pikachu no buy

Uh, it’s called the Build-A-Bear Workshop, not the Build-a-Fictional-Electric-Mouse Workshop. That egregious oversight aside, you, too can have an expensive plush as The Pokemon Company has partnered with Build-A-Bear.

Starting 2016, Build-A-Bear retail stores in North America, Europe, and Australia, as well as the online store, will have a Pikachu option. Kind of think doing it online removes the only novelty of going in a store and putting a doll together — you can’t even stick the heart in before it gets stuffed — but whatevs, whatevs.

Unique customization options include a Poke Ball hoodie, that excellent Charizard costume, and a “Pika Pika” voice box. I’m sure you can try to squeeze some bear-sized sunglasses on his face as well, but given how many outfits Pikachu has in Japan (intern, luchador, etc), I think the options here are going to be pretty limited. You’ll also get a limited edition Pokemon trading card with your purchase.

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