Make your Xbox One controller look pretty with the Xbox Design Lab


8 million combinations, 7.5 million of them probably gaudy as hell

In its E3 conference, Microsoft just announced a whole new scheme that will allow you to customise your Xbox One controller with a ton of different colours for every part of the pad.

Dubbed the Xbox Design Lab, the scheme lets you buy your own customised Xbox One S controller (not the original Xbox One design) and decide on differentcoloured faceplates, grips, analogue sticks and buttons.

These controllers are due to be released in October, however the store to make and pre-order your own will launch later today. They won’t cost too much more than standard Xbox One pads, being priced $79.99, or will cost an extra $9.99 if you want a neat engraving on it.

Microsoft claims that there are a total of eight million different combinations, although whether most of them will look good is a whole different matter.