Man, I really need to make my own Switch carrying case like this one


This is legit

As a Magic: The Gathering player and an avid tabletop enthusiast, I am no stranger to storage solutions. It seems like I’m always bringing card games or consoles to a friend’s house, and this four-controller Switch case (that also holds the Switch, dock, and AC adapter) from RedditorGogglebeanz rocks.

So how did they do it? Well, they used a “8.89 Liter Monoprice Weatherproof/Shockproof Hard Case with Pick N Pull foam” that can be bought on Amazon for just under $50. Then they modifiedit a bit to give the foam more depth. Another user, DreadnaughtHamste (ha) further augments this build with a tip: “put your controllers, dock, and Switch on top of the foam base and outline them with toothpicks in the foam and it makes cutting or pulling out the foam much might also want to have a pocket knife handy if there are bits of foam that shred instead of coming out clean.” Simple enough, right! I think I might swap out my RDS case for this for long trips.

AsGogglebeanz points out, a lesser storage solution would ensure that the Pro Controllers are constantly turning on and trying to sync with the Switch (an annoying but not often encounteredbyproduct of the great Pro design).

Made my own 4 controller carrying case [Reddit]