Maneater's barracuda is lying low in the weeds and I bet it's gonna ambush me


It’s not blue, but monkeys aren’t green

When you’re a shark, you have to feel pretty confident about your standings in the underwater food chain. It’s like being a human on land. Sure, maybe a bear will ruthlessly murder me and play with my skull, but there’s only a very slim chance that’s how I go out. I’m much more likely to die when my own car runs me over.

Maneater‘s whole goal is to devour people — it says it right there in the name — but there are some threats in the water. Like this barracuda that has razor-sharp teeth and is the sea-equivalent of Usain Bolt. The barracuda is on some prehistoric shit, like every nightmare fish on this list.

Developer Tripwire is out to show us all the baddest creatures in the sea. They’re the “apex predators” (I doubt Randy Orton is next), one policing each region in Maneater. Besides the barracuda, Tripwire also revealed the alligatorwhich grabs hold and deathrolls our beloved baby shark. Being at the top of the food chain just means you gotta always watch the throne and protect ya neck.

Maneater‘s reign of terror inthe deep blue sea begins on May 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.