Mario Tennis Aces gets new demo with free week of Switch Online


Let’s-a Go!

This weekend, Nintendo will be holding a free demo period for Mario Tennis Aces. Similar to the online tournament demo from last year, players will be able to sample the online offerings of the game for a limited time period. The demo will run from April 26 until April 28, but it comes with a nice bonus.

Since online play now requires a subscription to Switch Online (something which hadn’t launched when the original demo was out), Nintendo will be giving out a free week of the service for anyone that downloads the demo. You can download the demo right now from the eShop and will be given an email with a seven-day trial code inside. Even if you’ve already used the free trial Nintendo offers, you’ll be eligible to use this free week.

As for the new demo, it will include a few extra modes for you to test out. The tournament mode returns as well as the co-op challenge “Yoshi’s Ring Toss.” Anyone that plays the trial will also receive classic outfits for Mario and a different colored Yoshi in the full game. At least there is some use for this demo if you do happen to already own Mario Tennis Aces.

Mario Tennis Aces Demo Event Begins On April 26, 2019 [Siliconera]