Spider-Man swings into Marvel's Avengers at the end of November


The PlayStation-exclusive hero finally makes his debut this month

A friendly neighborhood superhero will make his way into Crystal Dynamics’ superhero brawler at the end of November. Spider-Man will finally arrive in Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation owners on Nov. 30, 2021.

Announced in the weekly War Table blog, Nov. 30 will bring a bunch of updates to Marvel’s Avengers alongside Spider-Man. The Klaw raid will arrive, set after the War for Wakanda expansion and tasking players with taking down the big baddie for some high-end gear.

Spider-Man’s arrival will also come with the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event. Here, you’ll get to play through Spider-Man’s story, as he teams up with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow to fight AIM. It seems like the crux of the Spider-Man narrative in Marvel’s Avengers will be about Peter learning to work with a team, rather than fighting solo.

Some improved systems will also arrive in this update, including gear recycling, a Power Level increase to 175, and Per-Hero Weekly Objectives.

Crystal Dynamics also addresses earning cosmetics, rather than just buying them. Shipments arrive as a 500 Unit-cost box which pulls from a collection of possible items. You will be able to see what’s in a Shipment before getting it, and there’s a small chance a Shipment might hold a premium Outfit you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll automatically get that after picking up 100 Shipments though, so you won’t have to rely on dice rolls forever. More is coming about this new system in the coming weeks.

Marvel’s Avengers has been in hot waters lately over its controversial paid XP consumables, which Crystal Dynamics has since removed. There were also some tough words about the game’s progress in the recent Square Enix financial earnings.

What 2022 will look like for Marvel’s Avengers remains to be seen, but Spider-Man arriving in Marvel’s Avengers has been a long-awaited addition for the game. Maybe it can right the ship a bit as it sails into a new year.