Marvel's Avengers is completely revamping the war table, but is it too late?


For a lot of people, it is

The Marvel’s Avengers war table is being reworked, but is it enough to get a lot of lapsed players to dive back into the game? Probably not.

The gist is that come March 24, the war table (which is how you get missions, and confusingly, the name for the publisher’s Nintendo Direct-like video updates) will be revamped. The idea is to “streamline missions and improve the overall user experience.” This is a two-pronged operation, as the other bit involves fixing the NPE (new player experience), and Nick Fury will come back to guide people (you can find the core details for the NPE rework below).

“Missions will no longer change every 15 minutes (good start!),” and power [gear] levels for regions are more clear, with minimum and maximum values more obviously communicated. You also don’t need to wander over to NPCs to have some stuff unlock on the table, which includes vaults.

Reading through these changes, I found myself nodding, then going “wait, this is all stuff that should have been in at the start.” Live service games areĀ fantastic at obfuscating open info to confuse players, so the game feels artificially elongated and grindier. A lot of developers are masters at deliberately doing this.

To see a studio change this system so late in the game: it’s interesting, to say the least. And probably speaks to the current monetary state of the game.

Marvel’s Avengers war table Quest/Mission Chain Onboarding Rework:

Currently, there are a series of quests or mission chains that guide players to multiple mission types as a way of teaching new players how the Avengers Initiative works. Feedback has made it clear this can be confusing since there is minimal direction. The following changes will be made in Patch 2.3 to offer clarity and to properly explain the systems, missions, and how to begin your journey in the Avengers Initiative as you progress rather than one after another.

  • Reigning Supreme has been removed
  • Vault Onboarding has been removed
  • Hive Mind has been removed
  • The previous version of Cloning Around has been removed
  • Iconic Avengers unlocks when reaching power level 10
  • SHIELD Protocols unlocks when reaching power level 20
  • Beating the Odds unlocks when reaching power level 20
  • Inhuman Sanctuary unlocks when reaching power level 30
  • Last Avenger Standing unlocks when reaching power level 130
  • Mega Hive unlocks when reaching power level 130
  • Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion unlocks when reaching power level 140
  • Discordant Sound Raid unlocks at power level 150
  • Elite Discordant Sound Raid unlocks at power level 160