Mass Effect lead writer Drew Karpyshyn is back at BioWare


The second coming of Karpyshyn

Drew Karpyshyn, largely known for his work on the first two Mass Effect games and Jade Empire, is once again working for BioWare after a three year hiatus.

The author left the developer in 2012 to work on his Chaos Born novels and is returning to BioWare following their completion. Karpyshyn says his return isn’t a sign that a new BioWare project is on the horizon, instead saying via hisblogthathe will beworking on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I discovered Karpyshyn through his Star Wars: Darth Bane trilogy, and later found out he was the lead writer on the first Mass Effect game back in the day. If you’re a BioWare fan, you’ve probably played something he’s worked on. Karpyshyn had his hands in Baldur’s Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, and both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicand The Old Republic. As someone who really enjoys the storytelling in his novels and games, this is easily the best news I’ve heard in a while.

If you want more details on the reunion, ask him yourself. Karpyshyn will be hosting an AMA on Reddit’s fantasy subreddit, /r/fantasy, October 8.