Master Chief won't be unmasked in Halo 5


Guardian his face

No one has ever seen the face of Xbox’s most popular video game franchise. Master Chief’s appearance is nothing more than a suit of armor. 343 Industries says it’s staying that way for a while — at least through Halo 5: Guardians.

As reported by Gamerant, Halo 5‘s creative director Tim Longo spoke at Microsoft’s X15 event in Canada, where he said that Master Chief will remain masked in the upcoming game. “I actually don’t even know if I can talk about that. [Master Chief] doesn’t take his helmet off,” Longo revealed.

Although it was very quick, the series has given fans the slightest of glimpses at the revered protagonist in Halo 4. Upon completing the campaign on Legendary difficulty, a look at Master Chief’s flashed on-screen for just the briefest of moments. Barring some misdirection from 343, it seems as if that won’t be elaborated upon in Halo 5.

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