Megaton Musashi's Tokyo Game Show trailer gives us our best look at the game yet


Years in the making

Megaton Musashiwas announced so long ago, it was originally only revealed to be coming to Nintendo 3DS. For reasons only developer Level-5 knows, it kept getting pushed back and now is set to arrive on Switch and PlayStation 4. Since it was announced four years ago, we really haven’t got a good look at what the game is, but that changed today when Level-5 dropped an extensive trailer for it at Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Well that certainly got my attention. The trailer showcases the story mode, which features high school students and if the reaction to my review of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rimis any indication, that’ll be a huge turnoff for much of our audience. We also got a look at the customization options in the game and its battle system.

Megaton Musashiis still without a release date, and if Level-5’s road to release for Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroesis any indication, it may be a while.

Megaton Musashi[Level-5]