Metroid Dread has multiple hidden sequence breaking boss animations


Metroid Dread sequence breaking is an institution

[Update: You can find the elongated video version at the bottom of this post, which provides the full Metroid Dread sequence breaking context. It starts around 1:36.]

You up for some Metroid Dread sequence breaking talk? Of course you are!

Spoilers for a boss below!

So it all started last month when folks found this special mechanic for the Kraid boss fight. If you manage to snag bombs before battling it, you can bomb the corner of the room and use a device to zoom into Kraid’s belly button, damaging it.

Again, it’s something you’re not even supposed to be able to do at the time if you play the game “normally,” as you wouldn’t have the bomb ability. It’s like a functional Easter egg for people to use on repeat runs.

You can do something funny to Kraid if you get bombs early, just like I thought :^)#MetroidDread #MetroidDreadSpoilers #NintendoSwitch

— Glaedrax – #FlatEggGang (@glaedrax) October 10, 2021

This newest Metroid Dread sequence breaking tip comes directly from Twitter user Yassu Yassu, who discovered something else a month later. This one involves flash shifting: another item you normally don’t have before you square off against the same boss.

In the fight, Kraid’s eyes glow in the same way other enemies do when you can counter them, but this one requires a flash shift, which is something most of the playerbase wouldn’t have at the time (or even think to use, frankly). Flash shifting into it during that moment will trigger another special animation. Glorious.


ちなみにスーパーミサイルなのです#MetroidDread #メトロイドドレッド

— ヤッス (@yassu_yassu) November 14, 2021

Sometimes, Nintendo games are the gift that keep on giving! And Metroid Dread sequence breaking definitely fits into that mold. These sorts of things make me want to start another run.