Metroid Dread update offers three action-packed new Rush modes


Rush Hours

So, I betcha think you’re pretty damn slick at Samusing, right? Well, the intergalactic terrors of the Metroid franchise have a whole new set of Rush challenges in store for you, courtesy of a brand new Metroid Dread update, available to download right now, free of charge, on Nintendo Switch.

The meat of Version 2.1.0 lies in three additional modes, pushing our girl to her absolute limits against the gooey, brain-exposing beasties of Planet ZDR. The three “Rush” encounters are non-canon modes, created purely to push player skill and endurance to their very limit. Once the update is installed, then you can access the new modes by visiting the “Samus Files” screen and giving the R button a slap.

Boss Rush,” accessible once the main campaign has been completed, will see Samus face off against 12 boss characters with a single life bar — all damage carrying over into the proceeding fight. Should you fall in battle, then the option will be presented to continue from the same spot at the cost of a time penalty. Blast through the guardians to score the best time possible and prove yourself one of the galaxy’s finest bounty hunters. This mode will also afford the option to practice battling each boss one-on-one.

metroid dread rush update switch

Survival Rush,” accessible after completing either Boss Rush or Dread Rush, sets the Boss Rush challenge against a ticking clock, as Samus battles to defeat as many bosses as possible within five minutes. Bonus time is awarded as each boss falls, with extra seconds added for Perfect victories. Both the bosses and Old Father Time will be your enemies here, so think fast, move fast.

Dread Rush,” accessible after completing the main Metroid Dread campaign on Dread Mode, is perhaps the truest test yet of the player’s ability. Much like Boss Rush, Samus will be tasked with punching their way through the 12 guardians of Metroid Dread, only this time, Samus must survive the run without taking a single hit! Not one! A meaty task, and I’m looking forward to seeing expert players fighting their way through this particular trial on Twitch… Because lord knows I won’t be completing it.

In addition to the new Rush modes in update 2.1.0, a fix has been applied to a very specific Game Over screen bug.