Metroidvania Chasm just got a massive update



Chasm came out in the middle of last year, and eventually walked into a room full of Metroidvanias, getting somewhat lost in the shuffle. For many years the genre has thrived, and developers have taken to frequent, huge updates to keep things interesting and competitive.

In addition to a 35% off sale, Chasmnow sports (thanks to its 1.070 update) arcade mode, daily challenges, more translations, unique/legendary items, a new chiptune soundtrack, “86+” new rooms, new background art, enhanced combat and AI, better controls, and other balance changes. Developer Bit Kid is praising arcade mode as the biggest deal of 1.070, which “generates a new layout of the world on the fly,” to the point where if you leave a room and return, it’ll be different. The idea is that you need to get through each zone in eight minutes or less to avoid a game over.

Although I’m not sure it’s enough to get me to do a full run all over again right now, it’s great to see a studio support their game long term!