Mewtwo DLC codes are being sent into battle


Release your email account from its Pok? Ball

It’s finally time. Grab your Master Balls and Full Restores, codes are finally being emailed out to add Mewtwo to Super Smash Bros.

Players who purchased and registered copies of Smash Bros. on both Wii U and 3DS in Japan have already begun receiving codes for the psychic Pokémon and players in Europe and North America are expected to start receiving theirs within the next 24 hours.

Players will need to download an update for Smash Bros. that allows them to redeem their download codes. On 3DS you’ll need to redeem your code in the in-game shop, while on Wii U you’ll need to redeem the code on the eShop.

Codes become active on April 15 in each region and need to be redeemed before September 30. Still, somewhere out in the world right now players are already writing lists of ways that Mewtwo is now ruined for competitive play and finding ways to exploit his moves for easy online wins.