Mewtwo vs. Lucario: A beginner's guide to Smash Bros.


The creator of Catlateral Damage runs down the basics

Educating yourself on how to play Super Smash Bros. isn’t always easy. Those who know the most about Smashdon’t always use words that you can find in a dictionary when discussing the game. If you go to the experts for an answer to a simple question like “Who’s better, Lucario or Mewtwo?,” you may soon find your head swirling with unusual terms like “Landing Lag,” “Vectoring,” “Nair,” and of course, “Dair.”

Chris Chung, creator of Catlateral Damage, is quite familiar with those kinds of terms, but he refrained from using most of them in this video. Regardless of if you’ve been playing Smash for a while, or if you’re relatively new to the series, this video will likely give you something to think about when considering the pros and cons of the Mewtwo vs. Lucario match up.