Microsoft just stopped supporting Windows 8


8.1’s good to go, though

Microsoft has a history of supporting its operating systems for ten years after launch. It’s making an exception in the case of Windows 8, which released in 2012. Yesterday, the software giant quit officially supporting its controversial OS.

Even though Windows 8 is being left behind, Microsoft’s plans for supporting Windows 8.1 stretch far into the future. Windows 8.1 is treated as a service pack; these are typically offered for free for two years after widespread release. In the case of 8.1, this would’ve expired in October of last year, but Microsoft hasn’t yet pulled the plug on the gratis upgrade.

Alternatively, Microsoft has become increasingly fervent in getting users to install Windows 10. This is also a free upgrade from Windows 8. Given that it’s the newest of the Windows operating systems, it makes sense that Microsoft would push for as big of an install base as possible.

Whichever OS Windows users go with, both are said to be supported by Microsoft for a long time coming. Windows 8.1 will have official support until 2023, and Windows 10 until 2025.

PSA: Windows 8 No Longer Officially Supported [GameSpot]