Man at Arms makes Pyramid Head's Great Knife from Silent Hill: Homecoming


My least favorite Silent Hill!

I don’t put my nerd glasses on very often, but here goes: Man at Arms made Pyramid Head’s Great Knife, but they chose the worst version of it and the worst game as inspiration. In Silent Hill 2, the Great Knife was a vicious slab of metal that looked disturbing because no one in their right mind would choose to use it as a weapon. In Silent Hill: Homecoming, Pyramid Head (now called the Bogeyman – blech) uses what amounts to a giant combat knife, in keeping with the military theme of that entry in the series. It looks silly.

Okay, I got it out of my system. The rational part of me understands why they chose this design, as it’s more challenging to make and probably more visually interesting for most people. My only other observation is that, having previously worked in a shop not dissimilar to this one, I get nervous with how close these guys get to their grinders. Maybe it’s a trick of the camera, but yeesh, don’t lose a hand when making Video Game Swords, please.