Microsoft keeps insisting Kinect is the bee's knees, cuts price by $50


The cat’s pajamas

Once upon a time, many moon ago, Microsoft was adamant that Kinect was an integral part of the Xbox One. Then, when Xbox One didn’t sell all that well, partially because of the $100 markup necessitated by the Kinect, the Xbox One was perfectly capable of functioning without the camera peripheral. Crazy how that works, eh?

Microsoft’s still beating that drum, albeit significantly quieter. Major Nelson writes today that Kinect owners routinely report the highest level of customer satisfaction, as if they found religion or marital bliss. Also, Microsoft says that it still has great things in the pipeline for Kinect that it’s constantly working on.

Let’s take a quick break to look at some of the must-have games that wouldn’t be possible without Kinect:

Okay, good. Now that you’re properly enticed, know that Microsoft has discounted the standalone Kinect down from $150 to $100. It’s supposedly a special, limited-time offer, but I bet it’s not. Also, the price of that not great Kinect holiday bundle got slashed from $500 to $400 because someone finally came to their senses.

Good to hear Kinect’s still doing just fine.

Kinect For Xbox One And Xbox One Kinect Bundle Now Available For A Limited-Time PromotionalOffer [Major Nelson]