Microsoft's Creative Director links 'Just for fun' character poll for Killer Instinct


Fight on?

Adam Isgreen, Creative Director for Microsoft Studios, put out a pretty random tweet asking Killer Instinct fans which ten characters they’d like to see return if, hypothetically, a new KI title were to be developed.

Although Isgreen very specifically states he’s asking “just for fun”, while linking to the game’s official forums. It does come at a time when Iron Galaxy’s fantastic one-on-one fighter is now, generally, played only by its more dedicated fanbase. If there was a time to start even talking about a sequel, even hypothetically, right now would be pretty snug.

Killer Instinct launched on Xbox One back in 2013, before eventually receiving an excellent Windows 10 port in 2016 and ultimately arriving on Steam late last year. Despite its comeback announcement receiving some sarcastic snorts from some in the fighting game community (including myself, I’m sad to admit), it was actually really fucking good.

The replication of this fan poll, might lead to absolutely nothing. Regardless, it is at least worth noting that Microsoft brass is still interested on hearing fans’ views on the series. It may just be a fan thread on a forum, but, to be fair, that was also the method chosen by the KI team to plot and confirm the PC port.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, as long as they brought back Orchid, Hisako and Sadira, everything would be copacetic with me.

Killer Instinct is available now on Xbox One and PC.

A thread on the #killerinstinct forums is discussing who should return if we do a new KI. I just threw fire on it for fun: Pick 10 of the 39 to return. Who stays? Why? I can’t even decide myself! What’s your 10?

— Adam Isgreen (@Ishmae1) January 4, 2018