Mighty No. 9 dev puts publisher Deep Silver on blast for latest trailer


It’s ‘unforgivable’

Yesterday, Mighty No. 9publisher Deep Silver released a “Masterclass” trailer to explain some of the game’s combat systems. At time of writing, it has 1,732 upvotes and 13,720 downvotes. That is to say, it’s not going over well. One of the people who took umbrage was the CEO of co-developer Inti Creates Takuya Aizu.

On Twitter, Aizu wrote “What the hell was D*** *il*** thinking making a crappy PV like this?! Unforgivable.” In this instance, the asterisk’d-out name is most obviously Deep Silver. Like a Blue’s Cluesriddle, it didn’t take much Thinking Time to discern exactly what he means.

Why he is upset is similarly transparent. A single line of voiceover states that the net effect of one mechanic will “make the bad guys cry like anime fans on prom night.” Others question the visual fidelity on display in the trailer, but it’s surely the quote about anime fans that was the most contemptuous.

And, it’s not the greatest time for Deep Silver to be burning bridges. After several delays, Mighty No. 9will finally release in less than a month. A lot of the good will surrounding the game around the time of the initial reveal and crowdfunding campaign has since melted away. Deep Silver’s latest joint (and the first in more than a year) isn’t exactly setting the world on fire either. Everyone involved needs Mighty No. 9to land, and derisive commentary is antithetical to that goal. Yeah, Aizu probably has a good reason to be pissed.

@t_aizu [Twitter]