Millennial Man: Someone hit Steam level 1,000


Actually, two folks did

Steam level might not mean much to you, but it certainly means a lot to user PalmDesert. That’s because he’s the current world leader in that category. Just recently, he added a comma — one that he’s likely had his eye on for a long time now.

As reported by Kotaku, PalmDesert has passed Steam level 1,000. Actually, he’s at 1,060 now (and it could very well be higher by the time this publishes). That level is made up of 3,073 badges and 8,401 games combined with add-ons owned. His closest competitor alsobroke 1,000 as of late, but not quite as quickly. That’s why PalmDesert gets the article and StrikeR just gets a side note.

If PalmDesert sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve written about him before. Two and a half years ago, we detailed how he spent more than $3,000 during a holiday sale. Back then, he was just a baby at Steam level 260.

As of late, I have newfound YouTube fame (23 subscribers and counting!) and I’m on a mission to knock off PewDiePie. Shouldn’t take long. I’ll come after PalmDesert’s throne while I’m at it. I’m level 17 right now so it’s not like I’m starting from scratch. AndI have the added benefit of owning way fewer of the games than he does. Nothing but motivation and potential on my side.

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