Minecraft Wii U is getting a Super Mario Mash-Up Pack soon


Free for existing owners

After launching with less content than its competitors, Minecraft Wii U Editionis finally getting some unique bells and whistles. Nintendo has just announced this morning that it’s partnering with Microsoft to release a Super Mario Mash-Up pack, which will provide a new world, as well as music and texture assets. Inspiration is said to have been drawn from Super Mario World, 64, and Sunshine.

The pack will include 40 skins, “15 pieces of music,” and the textures you see below in the gallery. On June 17 players will be able to access the DLC on-disc by way of a physical edition, which will go for $30. It will be a free update for digital owners.

Now this is more like it! There’s an actual reason to own the eShop version of the game — now they just need to add in full GamePad inventory management and it might even be the best iteration on consoles.