Miso and Ponchos with Henry, Danny, and Jack


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When Sup Holmes ends someday, my hope is for the final episode to feature every guest who’s ever been on the show all chatting happily and being friends. It would just feel so right. Take Henry Faber of Bento Miso and Danny and Jack from Delve Interactive for example. These guys have so much to offer each other, but because they live an ocean apart, they may never end up hazarding a chat.

Danny and Jack are relatively new to game development, and are in the final stages before release of Poncho, an adorable, existential 2D platformer for Mac, Linux, PC, and Wii U. It’s a nerve wracking time in their lives, one filled with questions, doubt, and insecurity about the future.

That’s exactly why now would be the perfect time for them to hang out with Henry. As co-founder of Bento Miso, Toronto’s premiere independent game development space and community, Henry has provided support to the developers of such hit games as Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Hate Plus, and many others. As this episode proved, he’s not known as every game developers sassy loving uncle for nothing. He’s also got secrets to share about Phantasy Star II, a game that did a lot of the things that made Final Fantasy VII famous, but did them better (and worse).

You can find Henry’s episode above, and Danny and Jack’s episode below. Thanks to the three of them for hanging out, and be sure to tune intoday at 4pm when we welcome Wayforwad’s Austin Ivansmith (Ducktales Remastered, Mighty Switch Force Academy) back to the program.