Modern classic Celeste is just five bucks on Switch


TowerFall is also $5

Oh hey massive Celeste sale: I didn’t see you there.

Although Celeste, which took the indie world and mainstream gaming scene by storm in 2018, has frequently been on sale; I know a lot of undecided folks might appreciate the heads-up. All you need to do is head over to the eShop to pick it up for five bucks (down from $20); the classic deeply-discounted price that Celeste goes for digitally. It’s only fitting that you should buy it on Switch, given that it’s the most popular platform for it.

TowerFall, another one of developer Matt Thorson’s high profile projects, is also five bucks. That’s a steal! The six-player game is a blast to play with friends, so if you’re more of a party person, hit this up with your family (it also has solo concessions).

Either way, you have options! Both of them are worth owning.

Celeste | TowerFall [Nintendo]