Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailers reveal new slaughter tools


Clutch Claw sounds like a He-Man villain

We are still quite a ways away from Iceborne, the first full expansion to Capcom’s bazillion-selling adventure title Monster Hunter: World. Fortunately, the developer/publisher isn’t averse to whetting fans’ appetites with a few trailers, including the three below, showing off some of the new tools and weapons available to your custom hero.

The first trailer features the Clutch Claw, an addition to the Slinger which will allow the hunter to grapple onto their prey, closing the distance fast or keeping them tethered in case they bolt from the fight. Combined with close-distance combat weaponry, the Clutch Claw could prove very useful indeed.

The second weapon is the Great Sword, an immense blade which delivers earth-shattering blows following an incredibly long wind-up. Seriously, check out the video below, you could make a sandwich by the time this thing strikes. It carries a style akin to those fantasy characters you drew in the back of your math book when you were bored in class.

Finally, for those who favour style over power, we have the Long Sword. As you can see, this lengthy, almost spear-like weapon is more adept to the samurai styings of old, with swift, angled strikes and mighty overhead blows. If Yojimbo fought dragons, Yojimbo would use the Long Sword.

These three weapons are just a sliver of the new content planned for Iceborne, which will also feature new worlds to explore and beasts to slay, as well as further weapons, items and accessories to kit out your pack. Even the game’s mechanics are being tweaked and, in some cases, overhauled. It’s going to be a deep and exciting addition for the MHW community, that’s for sure. Iceborne will launch on PS4 and Xbox One September 6, with the PC platform to follow in winter.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.