Monster Hunter: World is getting a bunch of cool goodies for its Japanese launch


I love that controller

Japan loves Monster Hunter, so Capcom is taking a chance to capitalize on that popularity with some neato goodies. If you somehow haven’t gotten a PS4 yet, there will be two bundles that come with a copy of World called “Starter Packs.” Sporting Jet Black and Glaicer White color schemes, these consoles are oddly 500 GB PS4 slims, but that is better than nothing. The packs will retail for 35,980 yen.

The next goodie is a themed PS4 controller for World. Sporting a very stylish red color and some silhouettes of Rathalos, the controller will be available on January 26 for 6,480 yen. This controller is also the one included in the PS4 Pro bundle that is basically sold out everywhere.

If you fancy having an actual keyboard to communicate with friends, you can also get an ELECOM Monster Hunter: World branded keyboard (2,080 yen) to accompany you on your travels. You can also grab two different headsets from ELECOM, one with mono (1,580 yen) chat support and the other with stereo (2,580 yen) support for proper game audio.

The final two have a little less use. Starting on launch day, Capcom will have branded VISA credit cards that you can get. I wouldn’t recommend Capcom’s credit card, but I suppose any credit is kind of a gamble. The final product is a pair of protective glasses from Alook. The glasses will be available in the summer and will feature an Elder Dragon design supervised by art designer Kaname Fujioka.

Honestly, the only thing that looks awesome to me is the controller. I may end up getting it, too, since I’ve had my PS4 gamepads since launch. Then again, they still work exceptionally well, so I don’t really need new ones. I just like the design.

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