More Crash Bandicoot trilogy on Xbox rumors sprout up


Was it all a dream?

Months back, before the Crash Bandicoottrilogy even had a lot of buzz (it’s selling really well now), there was a rumor that it might not be exclusive based on the wording that it was coming to PlayStation “first” from an official PlayStation Ireland posting. I mean even though the set of the three included games originally debuted on PlayStation there’s nothing saying it needs to stay that way if Activision is the one holding the keys — and all of Sony’s presence at E3 could have just been part of a timed exclusive deal that remained secret until a later date.

In addition to all that chatter more recent events have given the rumor more credence. Artist Kara Visa, who worked on the game’s UI, evidently created an Xbox version. It’s entirely possible that it was just for fun, or it could be a holdover from work on the port. A Hungarian retailer also has listed an Xbox One version for release on December 8, 2017 that has since been taken down.

This looks pretty obvious at this point, Sony is probably just holding on to the faux exclusivity as long as they can to get those initial sales out of the gate. The more platforms the merrier!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Gets Retail Listing For Xbox One []