More top talent signs up for Xbox studio The Initiative


Ex-Respawn and BioWare devs join the party

Fledgling Xbox studio The Initiative continues to bolster its ranks with some of the video game industry’s top AAA talent, having added four more developers from major league studios.

As noted by their respective LinkedIn profiles, Apex Legends designer Sean Slayback has joined the team, alongside Uncharted 4 artist Ryan Trowbridge, BioWare lead animator Ryan Duffy, and finally Justin Walters, who was environmental artist for the stunning looking 2016 shooter DOOM.

These four new employees join a team that already features level designers, writers and artists from titles such as God of War, Tomb Raider and Red Dead Redemption, with team members who cut their careers through studios such as Naughty Dog, Electronic Arts and Rockstar. Whether all of these top-level chefs will produce the perfect cake remains to be seen – and yes, you’re quite welcome to punch me for that analogy – but it seems that The Initiative’s sophomore release will definitely be one to watch out for.

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