Mortal Kombat 11's gear system will be cosmetic only


No stat buffs for Scorpion

In a recent interview with Xbox Wire, NetherRealm Studio’s core technology producer Trevor Traub sat down to talk about the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11. After going over the new characters and changes in technology, Traub was asked about how the gear system from Injustice 2 would be incorporated into MK11. Those of you fearing the worst can let out a sigh of relief: MK11’s gear system will be cosmetic only.

As Traub told Xbox Wire, “One of the major differences for Mortal Kombat 11 is that the gear itself has no stats. It’s cosmetic-only.” That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to modify your fighters movesets, though. As Traub explained, a new parameter called “Augments” will let players slot items into the gear that can modify specific moves or recovery options for each character. “We’re calling those augments,” said Traub.

“So, the gear itself is the cosmetic component, and then the augments are all different types of loot you can get throughout the game. You can deeply customize your character. Like Skarlet has a bunch of different augments. You can make her get even more life from blood, totally different things like that. You can make different versions of your character.”

Again, these augments don’t offer stat buffs or anything with a tangible advantage. They are simply a way to customize a character to your liking. In a nice move, the augments will be limited in online play. “Your stat changes won’t all be in play online,” Traub clarified, “but the cosmetic choices will be seen by other players.”

While it may be a missed opportunity for the loot system, at least MK11 won’t feature any game breaking armor combinations. Casual online play in Injustice 2 became a joke thanks to its armor system, so I’m happy MK11 won’t repeat that.

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