We're hopping back into MTG Arena on tonight's stream


Beyond that, it’s chat’s choice

Hey guys! How was your week? I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering again and seeing what it’s like in standard. I liked drafting, and definitely would continue that when the new set releases soon, but lately I’ve been comfortable climbing ranked standard. I made this monowhite pile thingy but it can’t survive too well against some green decks, so we fixed it to be faster and I have an alt version that splashes red for Skalds.

Tonight on stream, we can see what cool game modes are up for the weekend on MTG Arena and study some of the upcoming new card mechanics, which is admittedly hard for me to focus on sometimes, but I used to study Magic a lot and it helped with my competitive confidence. So, after being away for so long, it’ll be nice to get cozy and focused on what’s coming next!

Chat can also influence what happens after or in between Magic games; if you want to see some puzzles or someone needs help on an Elden Ring boss again I’ll happily pivot since I didn’t have a new game planned. Happy to be thriving in Magic again! See you there!

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