Murderous Pursuits is one big murder-mystery party


Act natural

Murderous Pursuits puts you aboard the HMCS Britannic, “a state-of-the-art, colonial time ship built at the height of the British Empire’s lavish Victorian era,” and asks that you discreetly find and kill your mark without attracting unwanted attention. Problem is, it’s not just passengers and the occasional guard on the vessel — other would-be killers are making the rounds, trying their best to blend in.

Think you can behave like the AI well enough to fool your competition?

If this hunt-or-be-hunted concept feels like an extension of the The Ship, well, it should! Murderous Pursuits is in production at Blazing Griffin, the studio behind 2016’s The Ship: Remasted. This latest murder mystery is fast approaching with a planned March 2018 launch on PC.

I can never keep my cool in these hiding-in-plain-sight games as pressure mounts (see also: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood), but I try my best. Murderous Pursuits will be playable alone or in “online multiplayer with other players, featuring support for custom game options and wickedly intelligent bots.”

Murderous Pursuits [Steam]