The Wii Shop miraculously isn't dead yet, but your ability to buy points for it will be soon



One of my favorite things about the Wii was the Everybody Votes channel. A lot of the time I’d pop that bad boy on even if I had no intention of playing something on the Wii, which was a neat little phenomenon that some other consoles can’t replicate. But it’s dead now, along with nearly everything else on the Wii — except the Shop, which is dying soon enough.

As previously announced, the Wii Shop is going to last until January 31, 2019(read: next year), after which point it’s dead entirely. Kaput, no more, it ceases to exist, even if you ranfour millionvoltsthrough it.

That’s a long lead right? Well here’s the catch — you can’t buy pointsfor it after 1PM PT on March 26. Yikes! So now you’re basically on a timer as to when you can pick up that one game you missed out on. That 2019 timer is just for downloading games you already own.

This is such a bummer, especially since other storefronts like the Xbox Live Arcade are still up, alongside of perpetual markets like Steam.

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