'My Famicom Exhibition' is an art show of games that never were


Japan? Doing something cute?! Since when?!

Here’s something that really should be way too cute to exist.My Famicase Exhibition is an annual art show being run at the Meteor game shop in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The collection shows nearly 150 different fake Famicom cartridges, each with custom art depicting games that do not actually exist, imagined by the artists.

They’re all just so lovely, and I think this is a great way of breathing new life in to cartridges which might not be seeing much use these days.

With titles such as Magical Sleepover Friends (by Walter Parenton), Super Bug Hunt (by John-Charles Holmes), and Heinous Unicorn Knight (by Luc Allenet de Ribemont), I’m kind of sad I can’t actually play them. It’s okay though, because the art is amazing.

If you can read Japanese, the websitehas a list of all of the artists shown at the exhibition. If not, Tiny Cartridge shows a few more of them. If you’re in Tokyo, you’ll be able to head to Meteor and see the full collection until the end of the month.

(Header art by @MandiMandi)