My favorite matches from CEO 2015


The best of the best!

CEO 2015, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year, took place this weekend and had some insane moments. My favorite was probably the above match between Armada and Leffen in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Yes, it’s Fox against Fox, but these two play so differently and are always striving to do better that it’s anything but boring or predictable.

I didn’t get to see everything, but certain games stuck with me as I watched. Overall, the weekend was an exciting time and has me primed and ready to get super hyped at EVO later this year.

I haven’t watched much Super Street Fighter IVrecently and, honestly, I’m not even sure what the appropriate version and subtitle is at this point. Anyway, I haven’t been as hyped as I was watching the above match between 801 Strider and Mago since the EVO when Poongko went nuts. I literally jumped off my couch and shouted when this match was over.

Last, and probably least, the Mortal Kombat Xgrand finals. These were way more exciting than I expected, which is likely because the matches before were all pretty much the same thing: Tanya teleporting around everywhere and sometimes getting a hit and comboing. The grand finals set includes a decent variety of characters, one of which is Sub Zero, who I think is always fun to watch being played well.

Who else tuned in? Share your favorite matches since I probably missed them! I didn’t watch much else besides the games here, except Smash 4, which went exactly as expected.