My new boyfriend is coming to Skullgirls this friday


Look at him!

This magnificent specimen of a man is Beowulf,Skullgirls Encore’s newest character. The muscle, the grizzle, the hair… the dead animal pelts… oh gosh there are emotions.I want him to scoop me up in his tree trunk arms and protect me from the undead catgirls and creepy saxophone guys trying to hurt us. He’d use his pro wrestling moves and the chair he leaves on the stage and look just… just great doing it. Once the smoke clears and my darling is victorious, we’ll lock eyes and slowly move closer to each other until…

He’s coming this Friday, April 17, to both the EU and US versions of PSN, Steam, and Xbox 360, according to a tweet from the official Skullgirls Encore Twitter account. As with all the other characters released, my new boyfriend will be free for a period of time, so I guess I’ll have to share him. There’s sure as hell enough of him to go around. He can take us all in to his loving, manly embrace.

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