My Nintendo gets special event QR check-in benefit


Hm, perhaps for the Switch road show?

In sort of stealth update after Christmas, Nintendo added in a new piece of functionality to the My Nintendo system — check-ins.

By going to a special section of the My Nintendo website you can access your own unique QR code, which, according to the site, “gives you access to exclusive My Nintendo member benefits that may be available.” If history is anything to go by, it’ll be repeats of 3DS themes you already have.

But in all seriousness, I hope something good comes out of this. The only major upcoming event I can think of that this would be relevant for is the Nintendo Switch roadshow that’s partially open to the public, but other big shows like PAX and the public parts of E3 are perfect for it.

My Nintendo was a nice effort at first that had a few good, new rewards, but it’s fizzled since then into something not even worth logging into. Maybe this initiative will start changing that?


Check in [My Nintendo]