My Nintendo just got some new swag, and a Build-A-Bear contest


Pokemon Snap zipper cases

My Nintendo just added a Pokemon Snapreward several weeks ago, and teased another: the time for that reward has come.

It’s a pair of zipper pouches, y’all!

As of today you can sink 500 Platinum Points into the clear zipper case set, which are waterproof, and contain minimalist designs of various Pokemon from the game. The large case measures atH5.1″xW6.7″ and the smaller one isH3.6xW4.8″.And to whoever is putting that very cute “cat in a basket” picture in basically everything recently: I salute you.

Oh, and there’s this Platinum and Gold Coin pin set! It’s 800 Platinum Points: just note that pins often sell out fast on My Nintendo.

In other My Nintendo news, the site is also running a Build-A-Bear contest. The short of it is, each account can enter for a chance to win the New Horizonscollection (Tom Nook/Isabelle) up to three times, by paying a menial Platinum Points fee. It’s a money sink! But it’s something you can do if you missed out on them and care enough.

As a reminder, you can find our full Platinum Point guide here. It’s been updated with all of the newest ways to earn points, like the Pokemon Snapwebsite hunt.

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